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Iran bought the 13 Boeing 737

Iran bought 13 planes Boeing 737. This was announced on Sunday television channel Press TV.
"The Iranian airline purchased 13 single-aisle Boeing 737 aircraft to replenish its fleet of civil aviation, - said the TV channel. "Two sides of the acquired in the performance of the old Boeing 737-400 will arrive in Iran on Monday - leads the agency Fars details. - And two of the eight aircraft a Boeing 737 modified-S bought airline Nasim Air, the newly formed airline based in Isfahan. "
Iranian airline Caspian Airline bought three sides and the company Aseman Airlines has bought two 150-seater aircraft for local flights.
In addition, one of the largest in Iran airlines - Mahan Air, buy your park British liner Avro RJ. He had arrived in Iran on Friday and will also be used on local airlines.
As noted by The Fars News Agency, all purchased airliners - over 15 years, but in the choice of models buyers came from the ability of the manufacturer to ensure the supply of spare parts, reports Tass.
Iranian news agency stresses that none of the Iranian airlines that bought the Boeing 737, not included in the "black list" of companies with which the US ban to enter into contracts in accordance with the sanctions against Iran. Sanctions restrictions, in particular, do not allow the sale of aircraft and spare parts to Iran, which was the result of a large number of incidents and accidents involving Iranian planes, including the loss of life entailed.

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