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Aviation Audit

Business Aviation Group offers owners of private aeronautical equipment an opportunity to organize and conduct comprehensive auditor checks for re-verification of the quality standards in the sphere of aircraft operation and maintenance.

The essence of an air transportation audit consists in impartial assessment of activities performed by an aircraft operator, assessment of the aircraft equipment's technical condition, of the flying and ground crew activities, as well as to audit the invoicing policies (costs) of both the aircraft operator and maintenance organization. The purpose of the auditor's statements is an assessment of an aircraft's actual condition and balance cost, in respect of the revealed deviations from established norms and requirements. Business Aviation Group has experience in assessment the market value of aircraft of different types. Certified audit experts, according to international standards, perform the assessment. A need for an integrated assessment of an aircraft can arise in case of aircraft purchase or sale, as well as while initiating a lease program, or in case of leased assets refinancing.

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