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Aircraft Interior Renovation

Business Aviators Group offer aircraft interior work, including restoration or the updating of the cabin. Give your aircraft interior a new look or get the latest in audio and video. If your aircraft is for business, then turn it into an office so that you and your staff can work while flying to a meeting. Or install a home theater system for your family and guests. is an up-to-date and high-quality enterprise with well-developed production infrastructure which includes: design team; design engineering bureau; production process complex.  The research and technology department runs the program on investigation, testing and certification of new aviation interior products. The enterprise is equipped with high-tech machining technique for production of exclusive furnishing, interior elements, and completion parts.  Takes care of development, implementation and performance of the quality system at the enterprise product acceptance, as well as improving of quality auditing system. QCD acts in accordance with: regulations, introduced in quality system procedural documents (standards, orders, specifications), related to QCD performance, aviation regulations, enterprise standards and regulations, quality manual. Is responsible for timely regular supply of the subdivisions with all necessary material resources, raw materials and components in accordance with the schedule. Produces interior elements out of plastic;interior panels – ceiling and window panels.Cabinet furniture elements are veneered with application of vacuum technology.Cellular panels are procured from Euro – Composites (Luxemburg), NIAT composite bureau (Russia). Manufactures furniture and interior components using solid wood and veneer made of precious timber by world-known producers - Legnomarket (Italy), Bohmans (Switzerland), etc. Performs the painting of furniture elements and gluing of panels. The work is conducted in a special paintwork chamber with the use of quality aviation materials.The workshop is equipped with the paint-spraying booth and other high-tech equipment. Performs disassembling and assembling on board the refurbished aircraft. It introduces advanced up-to-date production methods in interior elements and furniture assemblage onboard the aircraft which provide consistency of the installed products performance. Follows up the refurbished aircraft during its operation; monitors and analyzes any malfunctions; takes care of the Customer feedback. The technical center is qualified as a repair organization in accordance with the requirements of the European aviation authorities EASA.