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Aircraft Acquisition

To buy a plane seems to be an easy task but we exactly know: it is definitely not. While choosing an aircraft to purchase, the following questions “suddenly” appear:

  • Why should I pay for the excess distances, if I am not going to fly there?
  • How many people are going accompany myself?
  • What service standards level I expect onboard?
  • How old the aircraft might be in order to match my value/safety/performance requirements?
  • How much funds I am ready to invest in my jet?

Having those issues settled, makes it easier to both the buyer and specialists to select the proper plane for purchase or sale. One can buy an aircraft himself alone. However, we are one hundred percent sure, that in this case you will not save your planned budget and even be upset. We sell aircraft like an experienced operator working at the market more than 10 years.

Our company follows all the business-specific procedures and guarantees the qualified job to be complete in time. We not only buying a jet for the client, we also offer a complex solutions including aircraft registration, customs tax reduction as well as aircraft technical and commercial management options.

We strongly understand that your time is the most valuable. Time is a non-replenished resource; and that fact is one of the reasons you are buying a jet. Send us your application and let our staff to start their work immediately.


Aircraft Sales