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Sale of BAe 146-300 Avro RJ100
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BAE 146-300 has the reg. ZS-SOR and is available for sale, and any type of lease / The BAe is a short haul jet of which 221 were built between 1983 and 1992 in passenger, pure freight and quick change versions. Three sizes of the aircraft were built – The 70 to 80 seat srs200 and the 100 to 112 seat srs300. In addition to competitive economics and outstanding performance, the Bae146 is amongst the quietest and cleanest aircraft in its class. AVCON GmbH is pleased to offer this BAe146 aircraft for lease and will be happy to provide further information on application. BAe 146-300 - the longest flight in the line, the maximum capacity of 128 passengers.  BAe 146-300 salon  is equipped with good sound insulation, lighting and more non-straight shelves for hand luggage. For the most comfortable flight is supposed to layout in a row of chairs on the 2 + 3. However, some airlines prefer layout 3 + 3 in which the cramped interior. The 146-300 is a further stretched derivative of the original short fuselage BAe-146-100, but unlike the midsize 200 series, was not developed until later in the 1980s


  • Build no: E3155
  • Passenger address: Collins 346D-2B
  • Current operator: Fair Aviation
  • Build year: 1990
  • Aircraft type: BAe146-300
  • Registration: ZS-SOR
  • Auto pilot: Smiths 740SUE
  • Airframe cycles: 28443
  • Airframe hours: 27146.3


  • Max takeoff weight: 43,091 Kg 95,000 Lb
  • Max landing weight: 37,648 Kg 83,000 Lb
  • Max zero fuel weight: 35,606 Kg 77,500 Lb
  • Max fuel capacity: 11,731 Liters 3,099 USg
  • Typical speed: M0.70
  • *Max cruise altitude: 31,000

Audio: GEC Avionics AA 15504
VHF comms: Dual collins 618M-5
HF: Not fitted
DME: Dual Collins DME 860E-5
VHF nav: Dual Collins 51RV-5B
ADF: Dual Collins 51Y-7
RADALT: Collins 860F-4
EGPWS: Honeywell Mk7 EGPWS
ILS landing category: CAT2
Nav management: Single GNS-XLS
TCAS: Collins TTR920
Weather radar: PRIMUS M1585161-2
ATC Transponder: Dual ACSS XS950
Cockpit voice recorder: Fairchild A100A
Flight data recorder: PV1584M1
ACARS: Not fitted