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Sale new Embraer Legacy 650
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Sale of aircraft, aircraft have the ability to finance (financial leasing). Renowned for its durability and high dispatch rate, our Legacy 650 transports up to 14 passengers in a well-appointed, largest-in-class, three-zone cabin that is also one of the quietest. Yet operating costs are equivalent to those of many two-cabin aircraft. Our philosophy of thinking differently has created an aircraft with wide-ranging appeal – and one that makes for an intelligent choice for fast, reliable and comfortable travel anywhere in the world. With room for up to 14 passengers*, the Legacy 650 can fly your whole team to important meetings anywhere, anytime. The Legacy 650 boasts the largest cabin in its class and features three spacious cabin zones, allowing for separate areas for work, relaxation, even sleep. The aircraft delivers one of the quietest cabins in its class, for a restful flight experience. The 100% digital, Ethernet-based, expandable entertainment system features surround-sound audio with full high-definition video on up to three monitors, including a 24-inch monitor in the aircraft's 3rd cabin zone**. Most common input ports connect your devices for high-definition audio and video experience. It's even compatible with AppleTVTM to stream content wirelessly from your Apple devices. At 134 cubic feet (3.79 cubic meters), the Legacy 650’s lavatory is also the largest in its class. It offers a closet for hanging your jacket and is luxuriously appointed in granite*. The optional forward lavatory provides more privacy to the passengers.


  • Engine - 2 X Rolls-Royce AE 3007A2
  • Power - 9,020.00 lbf
  • Avionics - Honeywell Primus Elite
  • Maximum Cruising Speed - 956.00 km per hr   594.06 mph
  • Service Ceiling - 12,496.80 metres   41,000.00 feets
  • Rate of Climb - 780.29 mpm   2,560.00 fpm
  • Numbers Ordered/Sold - 0
  • Cabin Height - 1.83 metres  6.00 feets
  • Cabin Width - 2.10 metres  6.89 feets
  • Cabin Length - 12.94 metres  42.45 feets
  • Exterior Length - 26.30 metres  86.29 feets
  • Wingspan / Rotor Diameter - 21.20 metres  69.55 feets
  • Fuselage Diameter - N/A   N/A
  • Baggage Volume - N/A   N/A
  • Maximum Take Off Weight - 24,300.00 kgs  53,571.78 lbs
  • Maximum Payload - 2,210.00 kgs  4,872.17 lbs
  • Fuel Tank Capacity - 3,053.00 gallon  11,556.83 litres
  • Fuel Economy - 0.54 km per litre  1.27 NM per gallon
  • Minimum Take Off Distance - 1,749.86 metres  5,741.00 feets
  • Minimum Landing Distance - 870.20 metres  2,855.00 feets



Additional Equipment
  • 2nd HF
  • Communications Management Unit CMU with 3rd VHF
  • Future Air Navigation System Controller Pilot Datalink Communication FANS 1A CPDLC
  • Localizer Performance with Vertical Guidance approach LPV Wide Area
  • Augmentation System WAAS
  • Smart Runway and Smart Landing
  • Electronic Flight Bag EFB
  • ADS-B Out
  • FDR System 88 Parameters FAA ANAC
  • RNP 0.3 Capability
  • Data Loader DL-1000
  • CAT II Autopilot/Flight Director FD
  • HF Radio
  • Central Maintenance Computer
  • Dual Stall Protection System
  • Acoustic Entry Curtain
  • Satellite In-Flight Phone System
  • Anti-blockage Barrier with a Net
  • Provisions for Extended over Water Operation
  • 2 Life rafts for ANAC / FAA / EASA aircraft
  • Special Floor Finishing Material (Galley & Aft Lavatory)
  • Stone Additional Oxygen Bottle
  • Towbar (loose item)