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Sale new Let L-410

Financing/Leasing: Sale of new Czech aircraft Let L-410. Time of flight hours - test flights. Universal layout. Standard configuration. Specially price! The L 410 UVP-E20, which is the latest and most advanced successor of the famous L 410 aircraft series, is a well proven 19 seat turboprop commuter aircraft with outstanding technical parameters and operational reliability which is easy to handle and simple to maintain. The L 410 has been in production for over forty years and has an impressive safety record. Owners and users, from different regions of Europe, Asia, Africa and America, appreciate the aircraft's remarkable "hot and high” performance and excellent STOL capability. They especially value its tough and durable structure and its ability to operate under extreme climatic conditions, ranging from –50°C up to +50°C. Its durable airframe and unique design offer exceptional performance both in the torrid desert heat of Africa and Latin America as well as the most frigid regions of the world.


Maximum cruise speed 398 km/hr TAS 214 kTAS
Maximum range (ISA, reserves for 45 min) 1 520 km 820 NM
Cruise Altitude 4 200 m 13 800 ft
Technical Ceiling 6 100 m 20 000 ft
Take-off distance to 35 ft / 10,7 m  
ISA, SL, MTOW 560 m 1 837 ft
ISA+15°C, SL, MTOW 640 m 2 100 ft
Landing distance from 50 ft  
ISA, SL, MLDW 503 m 1 650 ft
ISA+15°C, SL, MLDW 520 m 1 706 ft



Single Engine Service Ceiling
(ISA, 95% MTOW, climb rate 50 fpm) 4 694 m 15 400 ft
Rate of Climb at S/L both engines 8 m/s 1 573 fpm
Rate of Climb at S/L one engine 1,8 m/s 354 fpm
Take-off rating 597 kW 800 SHP 
Max. Continuous rating = Max. trvalý režim 522 kW 700 SHP
Crew 2 pilots