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Boeing 747 Series 300-400 deliveries and sales

Start Selling Boeing 747, manufactured by US company Boeing, often referred to as "Jumbo Jet" (eng.

Younger Aircraft Becoming Part-Out Candidates

The retirement age of commercial aircraft is decreasing (aircraft part-out) as the global fleet renews, which is causing teardowns at younger ages.

Aircraft 737NG Part-outs Slow

The delicate equation of parting out a mid-life aircraft versus keeping it in service can change with a slight movement of lease rates and the filling of parts warehouses—situations that seem to have dampened the gutting of Boeing 737NGs in recent months, several aftermarket specialists say.
Air Salvage Internation

Savings at the Aircraft Junkyard

Aircraft mechanic Mark Gregory set up shop in a decommissioned military airfield in the English countryside, where his crew "parts out" planes like this Boeing 737-700Mark Gregory sifts through the mangled remains of a seven-year-old Boeing (BA)

Credit for the purchase of aircraft

The right aircraft financing is one of the keys to happy ownership

Few of us can afford to buy an airplane with cash. Even if we could, there are tax and other benefits we can realize by financing the purchase instead.

Boeing To Enter The Scrap-Aircraft Market

Boeing seeks to acquire an aircraft recycling company to exploit the used-parts market, as more airlines upgrade to newer jets.

Business aviation flights increase in February

Business aviation activity increased in February, according to a monthly report from Argus International. The Argus TRAQPak report said IFR flights in the U.S., Canada and Caribbean were up up 6.9 percent in February 2016 compared with the same month a year ago.

Rolls-Royce is driving the progress of the business aviation market

Thanks to a period of revitalisation, business aviation is again pushing the frontier of travel, with industry giants Rolls-Royce at the helm The rapid growth in market share of Long-Term Service Agreements (LTSA) has caused a paradigm shift in the business aircraft aftermarket.

LABACE Opens with Calls for Expanding Business Aviation

Opening the 2016 LABACE show at São Paulo’s Congonhas Airport earlier today, Leonardo Fiuza, new chairman of Brazilian Read more

U.S. lawmakers oppose aircraft sales to Iran; Mo. senator says yank Boeing incentives

Republican leaders in Washington and Jefferson City are pushing back against planned sales of commercial aircraft to Iran despite the Treasury Department’s announcement this week that it had begun issuing licenses for the exports.
U.S. Reps.