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Aviators Testing the new business jet Cessna Citation Latitude

Business Jet Citation Latitude - the most recent evidence of recovery after the recession of the company Textron Aviation, which is involved in the struggle for their historical share of the business aviation market.

Pros and cons of the business jet Gulfstream G450: 10 years of operation

Very hard to beat planes Gulfstream G450, which are produced for the past 10 years, in terms of their reliability, payload, and cost. Prices for this business jet range from 15 to 32 mln., Depending on the age and condition of the aircraft.

Falcon aircraft sales in 2015 fell by half due to low demand in Russia and Brazil

Sales of business jets Falcon in 2015 decreased by 50% compared to a year earlier due to a fall in demand in emerging markets, including Russia and Brazil, said the French manufacturer Dassault Aviation. As reported by Bloomberg, in 2015 Concern

Ungrateful Iran buys planes Boeing, rather than a Russian aircraft Tupolev

Iran helped to get out of "networking bans and embargoes", the two countries - the United States and Russia, calculated on the appreciation of the Persians.

HondaJet aircraft go on sale

The Japanese automaker «Honda Aircraft» started selling aircraft HondaJet. According to the data available to the news, HondaJet aircraft will be implemented in 11 countries, including Germany, France, USA and others.

Thai airline will buy Russian planes

Kan Air Company has confirmed the information about negotiations with the Russian Aircraft Corporation for the purchase of three aircraft Sukhoi Superjet 100 writes the Bangkok Post. The Sukhoi Superjet 100 have salons economy and business classes.

Iran does not buy 10 aircraft from Russia

Deputy Head of the Civil Aviation Authority (RSA) Iran announced plans to buy 10 aircraft, denying Iran's plan to replenish its fleet of Russian passenger planes.

The Japanese company ANA will acquire three Airbus A380 aircraft

The leaders of the Japanese airline All Nippon Airways announced its intention in 2016 to purchase three Airbus A380 aircraft to increase the number of international flights. This was reported by the Asian edition, they added that the deal will reach 150 billion yen.

Russian helicopter Mi-38 will receive a Type Certificate

Russian helicopter Mi-38 / Federal Air Transport Agency 30 December 2015 issued a type certificate for the Mi-38 with engines TV7-117V.

The new aircraft when the next financial bubble will burst?

The concept of low-cost airline has arisen in the United States, and later spread to Europe and then to the whole world. No one would deny that the air in the modern world play a huge role. Here, speed is important transportation: air transport it enables fast transportation.